{Sleeping on the job!}

Mason loves to help Daddy mow the grass.
It's his absolute favorite thing to do outside.
I came out to take some pictures of them one evening and this is what I found:

Mason sleeping on the job!
Nate said he saw his head noddin' off, so he told Mase to lay on his shoulder.
He was out in seconds!
The tractor ride relaxed him so much he passed smooth out.

I brought him in to finish his nap and he sat straight up and asked for the "Tractor".
So...I had to take him back out to Daddy!

oh so cute!


  1. How sweet!! I've followed your blog for the last couple of months and just recently started my blog (it's tough to keep up with). We also follow each other on instagram! I have a son, Will, who is close to Mason's age- he's 1.5. He fell asleep riding on the lawn mower on Easter with my cousin! This was his first time riding and he LOVED it too!!

  2. If it could only be so easy. you may have solved the all time secret of getting a kid to sleep. :)


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