{The really late Easter post}

Easter has come and gone and I am really late at posting this, but better late than never. Right? Right!
Our Easter morning was nice - just the three of us. Nate gave Mason a bath and I set up all of his "Easter Bunny" gifts. We dressed him in his bedroom {so that he'd be ready for pictures} and then let him run into the living room to find the goods. He was extremely excited.
That afternoon was nothing short of chaotic...but when that chaos is delivered in the form of 25 family members under 1 roof...that's a chaos I welcome with open arms.
14 of the 25 live in Paris, TX and we do not see them nearly enough. As crazy it may get with that many and 9 of them being kids under the age of  7 {6 under the age of 2} I love being around them all.
We had a nice lunch and then hid hundreds of eggs, mostly plastic, for the kids.
Mason had more fun picking up things and throwing them.
He's getting quite an arm on him, too.
Don't worry...he still ended up with a bucket full thanks to Mom and Dad!
All of the kids had entirely too many eggs and candy.

That evening we had dinner and Easter at Nate's parents. It started storming, so we didn't have an egg hunt that night. Mason still got lots of goodies, though!

Now for the tons of pictures.

Another great holiday under wraps!

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