{1st trip to Chuckee Cheese}

Last week some of our good friends from Indiana were in town...so we met up for dinner  {Last Thursday April 5th}...
And, where did we go?
Chuck E Cheese!
It was Mason's first time ever.
Honestly, just the thought of the place gives me anxiety.
It's more of a babysitter now than a place of fun.
Sad, but true.
We had a good time...but there were so many kids running around like crazy; snatching peoples tickets, begging for coins, asking if they can ride the toy with Mason...etc. It was so crazy!
But, it was fun to catch up with friends nonetheless!

Mason wasn't all that interested in eating with all the commotion.
I couldn't blame him.
Our meal came with 40 free tokens and we played off those.

We spotted a huge Monster Truck ride when we first walked in...
and our immediate thoughts were how in the world will we ever get him off that ride?!?
Boy were we wrong!
Mason thought it looked fun in theory, but it scared the crud out of him.
He started asking to get down before the ride was over.
It went pretty high in the air, I'll give him that.
But for a kid that's not scared of much, it really surprised me. 

We ended up giving all the tickets we won to a {well behaved} kid because the line was entirely too long to wait for prizes. It was already 8 and Mase was beyond spent.

All in all we had a good time.

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