{49 Weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 49 weeks!!!

(as of Tuesday, May 3rd) 
343 days
8232 hours
493920 minutes

493,920 minutes of my life!! 

Let’s see, at 49 weeks...

You are still saying "Mama" more than Dada this week. Love it!
- Your vocabulary is growing. As of right now you can say

-Still love to dance and you do anytime you hear the slightest tune. You even dance at commercials. Too funny!

- You love for Mommy & Daddy to hold your hands and walk/run with you!

- You have "stood" up many times by yourself; the duration is getting longer and longer.

- Still love your toes. You are usually always playing with your feet. And you love to cross your feet/legs. So Cute! 
- Sleeping has been great. You are taking 1 to 2 bottles throughout the night. You still sleep with Mommy and Daddy on your our bed.

- The amount of bottles you take daily varies.

- Still doing well with the solids.You eat 1 4oz jar for breakfast, 2 4oz jars at lunch time and 2 4oz jars for dinner.

- You love to sit up on your own and play with your toys. Your favorite toys right now are your John Deere Metal tractors, your puppy, and unfortunately our Willowtree figurines. I guess those need a new home somewhere a little higher than where your chubby little hands can reach :)
- You're in size 12 or 18 month clothes
- In size 4 diapers

- You love love love water...in a sippy cup, in Mommy or Daddy's cup or through a straw. 
 - You absolutely LOVE your A,B,Cs. You can be fussy or very unhappy and we break out with the A B Cs and you're as happy as a clam.
 - YOU'RE CRAWLING everywhere and getting faster and faster and more coordinated. You love to crawl and push either your tractor or trucks. And you make your version of the car sound when doing so.

- You love the Moon!! We will ask you, "Where's the moon Mason?" You will look up in the sky, throw your arm up high in the air and point and say "mooooon". Yeah, it's the cutest.thing.ever.

- You give high fives, and then clap for yourself!!!!!!!!

- You will shake your head and say "uh-uh" or "no" if you do not want something or not want to do something. 
- You now know where your head is!!! We sing the head, shoulders knees and toes song and the "head" part was your favorite. You grab your head with both hands and say "head, head head". 

You're so smart and so cute and we love you so much Masonbug!
**Something not so great happened this week. You started having baby night terrors (or at least we think, all the signs match!) You had them for 4 nights in a row and it was the hardest thing in the world to watch. You would cry and scream and wiggle and twist and couldn't get comfortable. Of course we didn't know what was bothering you at first and did everything wrong by trying to wake you and talk to you! Now we know what not to do! I really hope these are gone for GOOD!

49 Week Pictures:
You were starting to cry because we took away your sippy cup to get a good picture. What were we thinking?!?

Daddy saved the say and made you happy!

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