{Weekend Wrapup}

**Warning - long post with lots of pictures!!

Weekend Wrap-up

We had such an amazing weekend! I love weekends that are pure togetherness! I love my boys and love spending every second of everyday with them. 

Friday night we headed to Mansfield's "Big League Dreams" for some softball. Nate was asked to sub for a team. Nate scored 3 of the teams 4 runs. He did really well.

*Proud wife here*

Mason and I hung out and he snacked on some cheetos. We had a good time. 

After the game we grabbed dinner and headed home. Mason was wore out!! (So was Mama)

Saturday morning Nate and I woke up early to start getting things ready for a garage sale. Mason slept a good 2 hours after we got up so it was nice. We got a lot done! When Mason woke up he came outside with  us and Daddy got out his John Deere. He loves anything TRACTORS!!! 

Swinging - Mason likes to be pushed really high. He squeals and laughs. This boy has no fear.

After sorting through garage sale stuff it was time for a swim! Nana bought Mason this pool last Summer and I have been waiting for it to get warm enough to play. It's the cutest little pool ever. Mason had so much fun. Let me go ahead and mention that Mason doesn't look too happy in any of these. He was teething pretty bad this weekend. Two top ones are about to make their debut as is 2 more bottom teeth. Fun stuff. 

Getting ready for the pool:

And then it came to the point where he flat out had enough. Insert FIT here. Good thing it only lasted a few seconds. He was completely fine when we got him out of the pool. 

Sorry, these were too cute not to share.

Nana thought of a cute photo opp..but Mason wasn't really diggin' it. 

 My oh my he's so darn cute!!!!

These next few totally freak me out!!!

He looks so big and grown!!!

Daddy and Mason
(finger in mouth due to teething)

Then it was back to the pool. He just wanted to play with the water without actually being in the water.

Mason has really taken a liken to Rusty Red Dog. Rusty loves the attention!!

Then it was time to go in to cool off and rest. Mason is pulling up on everything now. He loves this kitty, but I don't think she returns those feelings! He will see her and take off as fast as he can after her. He's lightening fast and I just know one day he will catch her...probably by the tail! 

 (one of his favorite toys at Nana's house)

And of course our Saturday involved more TRACTOR!!!

The boy can't get enough!! 

That evening we watched a movie while Mason napped and then we did a little shopping for Mother's Day. Which leads us to Sunday - I will post a separate Mother's Day post. 

Hope your weekend was as great as ours!!

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