{You keep us on our toes!!}

Mason, at 11 months old you are already so incredibly silly!!! You make Daddy and Mommy laugh constantly. We are all the time saying, "Oh my goodness, look at that boy" and then we crack up! You love to make us laugh. You do something silly, we laugh, you clap, we smile. That's the story of our lives and I love it. It's something I will never ever get tired of.

I think one of my favorites right now is watching you dance in the back seat! And brother, you got rhythm!!! You bob your head to the beat of the song and it's greatness!! Sometimes you even sing while dancing and you get so serious!! We may have us a little star on our hands :)

Oh how I love you my sweet, silly boy!

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  1. these pictures bring back my baby fever ;)


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