{Cry-baby, Cry-baby}

And I don't mean Mason!!! That would be yours truly :)

The other day Nathan and I were talking about Mason and sports. Daddy hopes he will want to play football, Mommy doesn't (unless he's the kicker, b/c that's the safest position on the team). SO, Nate says, can't you just see him in his pads with under-armour on and those black marks under his eyes. I cried. Like really, really cried. 

The other day Daddy dressed Mason and he looked so cute that I cried. 

Sunday night Mason was screaming crying because he was exhausted and teething and it broke my heart, so I cried just as hard as he did.

This morning I saw a little boy standing on a corner waiting for the school bus...Toy Story backback on his shoulder...made me think about Mason going to school and I cried. Like really, really cried. 

So yeah, the emotional stage lasts long after pregnancy!! Am I the only Mommy like this??

This little guy just fills my heart with so much love and happiness that it makes me cry like a baby!!!!

And yes, this is my favorite picture of him!!

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