{23 Weeks}

Our sweet baby boy is now 23 weeks!!!

That's 161 days, 3864 hours, 231,840 minutes that you have been with us Mason!! Most amazing 231,840 minutes of my life!!

Thank you Mason for making me the happiest Mommy in the Universe! You are the apple of my eye, the joy of my life and the love of my soul. You make all my days so bright and cheerful. I love spending time with you and making new memories with you. Each one leaves me excited and ready for the next. I can't get enough of you, your Daddy and our family time. It ignites my heart. Just like this weekend when we were shopping for your Fall/Winter Wardrobe I could just picture things in my head...like he can wear this to his 6 month pictures, this at Thanksgiving, and this when we go to the Christmas Tree Farm. So fun!

Lets see, at 23 weeks...

Lots of new things this week!!

Reaching, reaching, reaching....OH reaching! You reach for anything and everything and it's the cutest. (except when shopping because it makes us buy you everything you reach for) i especially love when you reach for Mommy or Daddy with both arms stretched out as far as they go. Or how you reach for my face when I give you kisses. Oh and if you reach for something and we put it out of your reach you get mad and let us know it.

At the mall last weekend you totally took over on Mommy's drink! You put the straw in your mouth like you knew what you were doing! Daddy got a picture on his phone. When I would take the drink away you would scream!

Which leads to your next "new" thing. You give kisses. Oh my heart! You lean in to us with your mouth wide open and give us kisses. You make the funniest face when Daddy tickles you with his mustache.
You have a fuzzy head! All of a sudden your hair started growing like crazy. It's still pretty light, but there's lots of it. Mommy loves to rub her hand over it. (which is more pleasant than what you do to mine!)
You still love to stand up! We are practicing with you and sitting on your own. You have pictures on November 13 and Mommy is really hoping you are sitting up by then! C'mon Mase - you can do it!!!! You sit up for a few seconds but topple on over. If you slump over and put your belly in the center and use your hands you sit for a lot longer.
Sleep - you're sleep pattern has changed a little this week and I am not sure why. You now wake up about every 2 hours. And you take 2-3 (4oz) bottles between the hours of 12-5am. Most of the time you eat the full 4oz and sometimes you only want enough to go back to sleep. This makes me think you are having growing pains and that's making you restless.
You try to imitate sounds that Daddy and I make. And you make many other sounds on your own.

You still love to be outside and to go places. Only problem is that you're not a fan of your carseat carrier. You don't like not being about to see things and look out the window. We are going to get you a new one soon, hopefully. Just waiting until you are a little bit bigger.

We think you're around 19lbs. We'll have to weigh you soon.
We found a new veggie you like!!! Praise the Lord. It's still in the Sweet Potato family, but it also has corn in it. We'll be trying a Mixed Vegetable tonight. I hope you like it as well.

You can roll from stomach to back, but haven't grasped back to stomach yet. Probably because we don't put you down on the floor much. We will start doing that more! Also, when on your stomach you have gotten into the "crawling" position a few times! Oh wow!!!

You're showing a little more interest in toys, but like people better.

 You are eating 4-6 ounces every 2 -2 1/2 hours and usually get 1 juice bottle a day

- You are mostly in 6 -9 month clothes. Can't wait for you to wear all your new goodies. You dress better than Mommy and Daddy!! It's so much more fun to shop for you!
Still teething. I have a feeling this will be in many more of my weekly posts!! You have 4, yes 4 bumps on the bottom. I think 4 are trying to come in at once. WOW! I feel so bad for you at times. You want everything in your mouth but sometimes you forget how bad it hurts and chomp down on something...eeek! We can't keep your clothes dry from all the drool!

- Besides the teething you are normally pretty happy! You almost always wake up with a smile on your face. Mommy and Daddy love this!! You love for Mommy to say, "Good Morning" to you!

- Still in size 3 diapers - may be moving on to a 4 soon.

- You love to talk on the phone with Mommy and Daddy. You get so solemn and smile really big. You just can't figure out out to yank Mommy and Daddy out of the cell phone yet!

- You are crying a lot less and talking, smiling, laughing more!!

- You definitely know Mommy & Daddy's voice.

- Getting more and more coordinated with your arms and hands.

Now.....for your 23 week pictures....

We love you, MasonBug!

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