{LOOK....I'm sitting by myself}

On Friday, November 12th Mason hit another Milestone!!!!

He's sitting up, un-assisted.

On Friday Nate texted me and said, Mason just sat for 2 minutes by himself....a few minutes later I got another text that said Mason sat for 5 minutes by himself...then it was 10. Each time was longer and longer! I couldn't wait to get home and see this for myself. We had been joking for two weeks, "I hope Mason is sitting before his pictures on the 13th" and of course he followed through :) He's amazing like that.

By the time that Sunday rolled around Mason was a pro at sitting! He loves to sit on the mat and have all of his toys around him. It's the cutest thing ever. On Sunday Mommy had a photoshoot to document this special time. Of course.

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  1. LOVE those pictures with the hat!! He looks so much like Nathan.


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