{Weekend Wrap-up}

I just LOVE our weekends!!!!

Friday Mason got to hang out with Daddy, Uncle Scooter, Aunt Leslie and Cousin Tanner. Our town square had a Trick-or-Treating event that afternoon. Mason made it about half-way and then conked out!! He was tired from their busy day. I asked Aunt Leslie to take some pictures. Of course.

Friday night we had to go resign a contract on our car. We ended up getting a better deal on the car with a different bank. Whoop whoop! Then after that we went to dinner with the Halls, Ty, Jordan and Kelli. It was really nice. We had planned on going to Canton Saturday, but heard from friends how crowded it was. We opted out and went to Grapevine Mills Mall instead with Nate's mom. We were on a mission to get Mason some Fall/Winter clothes. Poor baby outgrows everything SO fast. We had a really great time. We even did the Build-A-Bear thing for Mason. (Nana did it for Christmas) We walked by and saw they had a Texas Rangers bear, complete with the Antlers!!! It was too cute to pass up. It was a very special time. The bear (that we named TAG) even had an AL West Champion shirt on it, the complete uniform with cleats, and ANTLERS!!! Love it. Mason does too. Oh and it plays Take Me Out To the Ballgame. After shopping for hours we came home and watched the Ranger game. Sunday morning we went to breakfast, but not before taking some pictures of our little Pumpkin on his first Halloween!!! Of course.

That afternoon/evening we just hung out. Mason's teeth were bothering him pretty bad so he ended up taking 3 total naps in my arms throughout the day. I did get more pictures though. Of course.

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