Our sweet baby boy is now 24 weeks!!!

That's 168 days, 4032 hours, 241,920 minutes that you have been with us Mason!! Sweetest 241,920 minutes of my life!!

Mason, you just keep getting funner and funner! :) You are growing up so much and becoming so active. Mommy and Daddy laugh non-stop at you and the silly things you do. We can tell you already have such a funny personality and can't wait to see it develop even more as time goes on! Thanks for making our days so glorious!!!!

Lets see, at 24 weeks...
Reaching - you are getting better at what you reach for and more accurate! You reach for anything and everything food/drink related!! You think you know how to drink from a straw. You put it in your mouth and just hold it there...won't be long!
You've become quite the cuddle bug! You give long hugs and kisses too. Mommy soaks this up every chance she gets!!!
Your hair just keeps growing! You have a head full of light fuzz and it's just adorable. The other day Daddy made you have static electricity in your hair and it was hilarious to see it stand straight! Just a couple weeks ago you didn't have enough hair to do that.
Sleeping has been a little better this week! Praise God! I think you are feeling a little better and your teeth aren't hurting as bad. You haven't really fought going to sleep for the last several days and that's been so great. Breaks Mommy's heart when you are so exhausted and trying to fight it.
You're still a bigger fan of being outside than inside. Not sure what we're going to do in the Winter!!
You have tried a couple new foods; apples & chicken and Mac-n-Cheese. Your favorite is Mac-n-Cheese. You ate the whole 4 ounces of it last night (which is thicker than most of your foods) and topped it off with a 4oz jar of Applesauce! Such a good eater!! Can't wait to explore new foods with you.
You've almost gotten down the turning over from back to stomach!! And when we put you on your tummy you get on your knees in the crawling position and rock back and forth a bit. We have a feeling you'll be crawling really soon!!! You scoot all over the floor!
You are starting to take more 6oz bottles than 4oz. You are a growing boy! We still try to give you 1 juice bottle a day. And sometimes you get a fruit at lunch, then a vegetable and fruit at dinner.
Mostly in 6-9 month clothing and a lot of 12 months too. Mommy and Nana went to the outlets this past weekend and got you more Fall/Winter outfits. You're going to be the best dressed baby EVER!!!
Still in size 3 diapers this week!
Found something new that you love...dancing!!! You love for Mommy to hold you and dance with you. You go CRAZY...swinging your arms and smiling and laughing away. Right now your favorite song to dance to is Black Eyed Peas...I'm A Be. I got a video yesterday, but haven't uploaded it yet. I will do that soon. It's so much fun!
Still love your baths! You think Mommy and Daddy need a bath each time you do and are happy to share your bath water with us!! You just grin and splash away. We have to lay towels around the counter!!
You have definitely found your feet and you LOVE them! You learned that you can grab both feet and pull them up to your face! I'm sure next time I look at you there will be a toe/foot in your mouth!

Now for the 24 week pictures:

We love you, Masonbug!

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