{Weekend Wrap-up}

We had another great weekend with our lil' family!! Friday's are pretty routine to us - Target, dinner, hang out at home. :) We make our weekly Target run for forumla, diapers, water, etc and then mosie around to see what else Target has to offer us. Although it just end up frustrating Nathan and I. The reason being is that Target seems to cater to girl's clothing rather than boys. Their boy section is microscopic compared to the girls section. Grrr...Not only at Target, but this is almost the case everywhere! Boys need clothes too, people! Hello! Anyhow, after Target we grabbed Whataburger and headed home. We watched TV and hung out, then it was time for bed. Mason is on a very strict sleeping schedule, all on his own :) Most of the time momma has to go to sleep with him. He knows the minute I get up!

Daddy and Mason hanging out:
(please bear with the awesome iPhone pictures, haha)

His favorite thing to do is stand up, and he's great at it!

On Saturday we got up and attempted "garage selling" but weren't so successfull. The only thing we found was a 50 cent lamp. It was a good find, though! We had lunch at Applebees (one of our current favorites) and then hung out for a bit. Around 4ish we headed to Scurry for Kolton's bday party. Mason dipped his feet in the pool, but especially loved the squirting water from the slip-n-slide.

He LOVES the water!!

And was a very sleepy boy on the way home!

Sunday morning we got up and did our grocery shopping at HEB. Love, love love HEB. And Mason is always so good while we do our shopping. It's nice to not have to fight a crowd and to take your time picking out meals! After shopping we went to visit my family. One of my cousins were in from Paris, TX. It was her first time to meet Mason. I forgot to get a picture of them. Oops! But I did get pictures of Mason laying in my lap -

Love his little grin!

After visiting for a bit we went home for a while. We had a sandwich and rested a bit. I nursed Mason in bed and took a short nap with him. Then we headed out to Bass Pro Shop with Les, Scooter and Tanner. Mason absolutely loved it. He was so curious looking at everything. And ever so often he would laugh loud and squirm. It was a good time!!

Bass Pro Photos:

Looking out at the lake with Daddy

Mason wasn't even scared of this big guy:

After Bass Pro we 'Co'-made dinner with the Halls. They did the ham and cornbread and we made a side dish. It was yummy! We hung out outside afterwards for a while. Which, we are all feeing today with allergies. Boo!

He looks SO big in those last two pictures!

And that's our weekend wrap-up!

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