{Finally Friday}

Happy Finally Friday!! And Happy Birthday, Aunt Leslie E.T. :)

We hope you have a really great day and can't wait to celebrate with you later this evening!!

E.T. is what my papa always called my sister. He had nicknames for many of his Grandkids -

Leslie = E.T.
Justin = Hoss
Chelsea = Cheeseburger
Jeremy = Buttermilk
Ruben = Flapjack
Jessica = Jethro
Meagan =  Whoopy
Haley = Harley

And that's all that I can remember right now. His nickname for me isn't appropriate, so I will not post it on here. Not that it's that bad, just don't want to offend anyone!

Well, I always sit and wonder what my papa would have nicknamed Mason. I can't even begin to guess because he had his own method and was very creative! I really wish Mason would have gotten to meet his Great Grandfather. He would have loved him, I just know it.

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