{Weekend Wrap-up}

We had a great weekend! It was pretty low key. We didn't want to plan anything too extravagant just in case Mason was feeling puny from his shots. But Thank the Lord, he did just fine! He's such a strong little big boy! :) Friday night we went to dinner with my sister, nephew Tanner and Scooter. We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is usually a favorite of ours. But Friday was not so great. The food wasn't that wonderful and the service wasn't great either! But, the company was good! After dinner Nathan, Mason and I drove around Hachie and looked at vehicles. Saturday morning we picked up my car from the shop and then had lunch. After lunch we visited with the Halls and Nathan helped work on Ty's truck. That evening we went to dinner and then Papa & Nana kept Mason for a couple hours so Mommy & Daddy could go on a date! That was the hardest thing ever! I tried so hard not to be miserable, but lets face the facts here - I missed my baby boy too much!!! And it didn't help that when we got there to pick him up he was screaming!! He was ready for mommy to nurse him and put him to bed. Broke my heart into a million pieces. I know it will get easier and better with time, but that was the first time and it was hard. Sunday morning was greatness! We all woke up around 7am and Mason was just as happy as can be! We played with him for a while and then I made him a bottle. Daddy was feeding him in the bedroom while Mommy washed bottles and clothes. I went in there a few minutes later and found them like this:

Made my heart do a few backflips, that's for sure! I love these two boys so much! The boys continued to sleep and I kept cleaning! I was in overdrive trying to get as much done as possible. I even showered in the front bathroom so that I didn't wake them. When they did wake up we all played in Mason's room for a while. It was loads of fun. We tried some "tummy time" with Mason, but he just hates it.

He fusses and moves his head back and forth really fast. I am always scared he's going to get rug-burn on his little nose. And mommy doesn't like a fussy baby, so she doesn't leave him that way for long!

Diesel was having a blast!!

He sees Mommy & Daddy kisssing Mason all the time and thinks he is supposed to as well!!

(Mommy straight out of the shower. Didn't even brush my hair! haha)

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at Javiers, as usual. Mason slept the entire time. After breakfast Nate went with Scooter and family to pick up a pop-up camper. A friend of Nate's from work gave it to him. He wanted it out of his garage, so Nate took him up on it. It's a 1977 Coleman Saratoga. I know, I know - that thing is older than me. We really weren't expecting much, considering 1.) the age, and 2.) the fact it had been in a garage for 20 plus years. We were sure the rats must have taken over and had them a nice, cozy palace. But we were totally surprised and shocked to what we found when we popped her up! This thing is in excellent condition to be so old! There are not many things we have to do to it before it's ready for camping!!! I know it's not major, but one of the first things I want to do is change out the LOVELY 70's brown and yellow upholstery! Can't wait for all the fun that is sure to be had in this baby!!  :) I will take pictures tonight and post them tomorrow!

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