{Finally Friday}

As much as I normally look forward to Fridays, I have been dreading this one for a while. Mason had his 2 month check-up scheduled...which meant shots...which meant a very sad momma! The appt went really well, and Mason did very well with the shots. He received 1 oral (which the nurse said was sweet and tasted sugary) and then 3 shots in the legs. He got 1 shot in the right leg and 2 in the left. The first two didn't even phase him, only the last one. He only cried for a minute though. I think I cried longer than he did! He's such a big boy and took them like a champ! Mason, maybe you can teach mommy to be that strong one day!

We just LOVE Dr. Gold. She's the sweetest lady ever. She did her exam on Mason and kept saying how "perfect" he was. I wanted to say, "Tell me something I don't know" but I refrained!! I just smiled like the proudest mommy in the world (which, I am). We discussed Mason's formula and how we had to put him on Soy milk. She said she was completely fine with that for now. As long as Mason is doing well with it, she doesn't have any problems. However, when he's around 6 months old she wants to switch him back to a milk-based formula. That way he can start getting his body prepared for whole milk. Plus, she said that most babies that have an intolerance for milk based products usually outgrow it within 6 months time. So for now we are good! Mommy and Daddy didn't get in trouble for switching! Yay! Dr Gold said that she doesn't see any problems because Mason is surely packing on the pounds!!! Which leads to our next topic - I took guess on how much Mason weighs and here are some of the guesses:

Mommy - 14lbs 3oz
Daddy - 14lbs 6oz
Mimi (my mom) - 13lbs 12oz
Aunt Leslie - 13lbs 6oz
Great Aunt Donia - 13lbs 14oz
Uncle Ty - in the 13lb region

We were ALL wrong!!!

Mommy and Daddy have one BIG boy, that's for sure. Below are the stats:

14lbs 12oz
24" and a quarter long

75th percentile in weight
75th percentile in height

Let me break this down for you! This means:

only 25 % of boy babies across the world at the same age weigh more than Mason and are longer than him!

I don't think Daddy could be more proud! You should have seen the smile sweep across his face when Dr Gold shared this news with us!!!

Mason goes back October 1st for his 4month checkup! Which means more shots, which means a very sad momma!

Daddy feeding Mason before Dr. Gold came in:

Taking a break to look up at Mommy:

Please excuse the awesomeness of the iPhone in this next picture, but wanted to share his beautiful smile!!

So serious!

After your appt Mommy had to go back to work and you went with Daddy, Ty and Nana to visit your Great Grandmother. She just loves you!

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