{ Oklahoma bound, contractions galore! }

Sweet baby Mason,

Last Saturday (5/8/2010) your daddy and I rode with your Papa Jacky and Uncle T.Y. to Oklahoma to visit your Great Grandpa and some other relatives. We were also going to pick up your uncle Ty's new truck!! It was a great trip and nice to see everyone. However, around 9am Mommy started having contractions. They were very consistent and lasted through the next morning. The car ride home was very interesting because I couldn't get comfortable with the contractions. We thought we might get to meet you on Mother's Day...but you had other plans! Nothing progressed from there.

Mason - get ready to cruise around town with your Uncle TY in this awesome ride!!!

See those donkey's in the background, they're waiting to meet you too!!

Watch out ladies!!!

(I wish I would have taken pictures in Oklahoma, but I was too busy concentrating on the contractions)

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