{ Sonogram, OB Appt } 5/13/2010

Well, the biggest blessing is that Mason passed yet another BPP sonogram! Yay! Poor guy isn't even here yet, and he already has tests he has to pass each week. :) The sonogram went well, and I had my favorite tech Diana again. First of all she watched his breathing, moving and checked his heartrate - which were all perfect. Mason's heartrate a the time of the sono was 137bpm. Then she measured my fluids (which is the main reason we have weekly BPP sono's) and low and behold, my fluids were back up in the 21/22 range. A normal amniotic fluid range is 5-19. So, I am just above that normal range once again. This happened around month 6 I believe, my fluids spiked and so Dr Greve started scheduling me weekly BPP (Biophysical Profile) sonograms to keep a close eye on my fluids. They remained in the 21 range for about 5-6 weeks and then went down to the 17 range. They have been consistent in the 17ish area for several weeks until yesterday. So, Diana viewed my charts and made some notes for Dr Greve. She then started watching his breathing/movements again. She said that Mason has a good set of lungs (hallelujiah). That was great to hear! He passed everything, so she wasn't too worried about the fluids. Mason didn't seem to be affected by them. Which is a blessing! After about a 20 minute sonogram we were done and I got 4 fabulous pictures of his beautiful face and chubby cheeks!! (that are being squished right now) :)

Then it was time for the lab. I could tell my fluids were higher because it showed that I gained 4lbs in 1 week. That is usually not the case. For the last several weeks it's been 0, 1/2lb, or 1lb weight gain. So, with the extra fluids I am carrying, I showed to have gained 4lbs. Eeeekkkk! My urine came back good, though. Another blessing! Last week I had a little blood in my urine.

Then it was time for the appt. I only saw Odessa (my nurse) this week because Dr Greve is on vacation all this week. Kind of frustrating! Doctors shouldn't be allowed to vacation! Only kidding! Everyone deserves vacations - just not 1 week before my due date!!!! hee hee! My blood pressure was good and Mason's heartrate was in the 140s. Odessa looked over my files and scheduled me my appt for next week. She gave me signs to look for and said I should get to the hospital asap if I notice any of them.

I have to start counting contractions. If they are 5-7 minutes apart and last for an hour, it's time to head to MCA!!!!! Hello Reality!!!

Sonogram pictures:

Oh and in the sonogram Mason kept sticking his tongue out!! It was hilarious. But I hope he wasn't saying, nanananana, I'm gonna hang out in here for a few more weeks! :)

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  1. MCA (Medical Center of Arlington??) I had Ryder there and LOVED it. All the nurses were so nice.


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