{ Dr Appt - 05/06/10 } 37w6d

This week was very different than the last 6 or 7 weeks - I had both my sonogram and my Dr appt in one day!!! It was nice to not have to split the appts up into two different days. I got next weeks appts for the same day too, SCORE!!

My sonogram was first. I got my favorite Sono Tech, Diana. She's young and very nice. When I got to her room she said, okay we are doing a BPP today. I told her that Dr Greve also wanted Mason to be weighed at 38 weeks and that I would be 38 weeks the next day! She said, "No problem, we can do that". My other sonogram tech wouldn't have done it. So, I was happy to have Diana. And hey, it was true. Dr Greve told me that in my last appt! So I wanted to make sure it was done. Not for my own curiosity, but for Dr Greve too! :)

She took care of the BPP first. Everything looked great. Mason was moving like he should be for his gestational age and his heartrate was great - 140bpm. And my fluids measured good and stable. Yay!! We got to see Mason's mouth moving. That was really awesome! I love seeing him move!!!

After all the calculations, Mason's estimated weight was 7lbs 8oz. WOW! We have a good sized boy already. But that's okay. Bring on the chunky!!!! As long as he is healthy is all that matters to us.

Sonogram pictures:

Love our sweet boy!!

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