Day five on this cruise was a day at sea. Nate had to take Mason for a covid test. While he did that, I went to a debarkation show. It was pretty informative since the debarkation was a lot different than the Disney cruise! Then we went out to the lido deck where Nate and Mason did the ropes course! 

For lunch, we finally got to try Guy's burgers! It was pretty good. Then we went to a military appreciation show, watched a Q&A show with the cruise director, and then played some Bingo. Mason hung out in the room and practiced his towel folding skills. He made us a bulldog and did so well!

That evening we went to dinner in the MDR and then watched the sunset! Sunsets from the ship will forever be one of my favorite ways to watch!  And then God showed up and showed out with a beautiful rainbow!!!

This was our maiden voyage on Carnival Cruise Line and we were impressed! This will be the first of many, as we are now fans of Carnival! We had such an awesome time and cannot wait to do it again!

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