{Willow Jade}

 I just wanted to give an update about our precious Willow Jade! She is the sweetest little thing and we all adore her so. She's curious, vocal, and so spunky!! We all have heard her on many occasions meowing "mom". It's mostly when we are in our room going to sleep or in the mornings. She comes to our door and yells "mom" over and over! It's the wildest thing - but all three of us have heard it, many times!! I need to try to capture it on video sometime. 

We recently updated Mason's room and my office. We got all of Mason's treasured Lego's out of my office and moved into new shelving in his room. Which opened a whole new world for Willow! She's now able to come into my office and it's her favorite place to be. She mostly perches on the window sill in my office, or on top of my keyboard, lol! She loves it in here and I love having her in here! 

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