Day three on our cruise was a day at port in Cozumel, Mexico! We had an excursion booked for this day, so we went straight to check-in for that excursion! This was our first time getting off at port on a Carnival cruise, so we weren't 100% sure what to do. Our tickets had a number on it, so we just looked for that sign with that number. It wasn't too bad! 

For this excursion, we booked a catamaran to a private island called Passion Island. We were so excited and couldn't wait to get on the catamaran! We got to the meeting spot a little early, so we quickly explored some of the shops around the port. 

The minute our catamaran took off we could not believe how beautiful the water was. We went through areas of deep blue, light aqua, green, turquoise, you name it. My jaw was dropped the entire time! It was just so beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen before. 

Passion Island was incredible! This excursion came with an all-you-can-eat buffet and an open bar. We took full advantage of that! They also had shops, massages, and some other extras you could purchase. Mason got a henna tattoo, Nate got him and his dad some cigars, and LeeAnn and I had a pina colada in a fresh coconut! The whole day was like a dream!! 

Once we got back to port we met up with the rest of our group, did some shopping, and then headed back toward the boat. 

That evening we went to dinner in the MDR and then the Love and Marriage show where Jacky and LeeAnn were selected to go on the stage! It was so much fun and hilarious! I am sure my mother-in-law was mortified! ha! After the show, we hung out on the Lido deck.

Such an amazing day! All of the sweet memories we made in Cozumel and on the ship will forever hold a special place in my heart!

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