On day four, we had another day at port. This time it was in Progresso/Yucatan, Mexico. We were excited since this was a place in Mexico that we had never been to before. We weren't sure what to expect, but we were thrilled to explore! We got off the ship as soon as we were able to and found our meeting spot for our excursion. For this one, we chose an all-inclusive luxury resort called the Reef. 

This port was a lot closer to the ship than Cozumel was! It seemed to be a bit smaller and older but still neat in its own way! We waited by the water for a while until it was time to head to the bus for our excursion. And this is where we scored the tour guide lottery! We got Fluffy and he was so much fun! He taught us so much history about Progresso on the way to the resort. It really made the 40-minute drive enjoyable! 

For most of the drive, Progresso was very run down. It was sad to see some of the living conditions that these people endure every single day. So, to say we were amazed when we pulled up to the resort was an understatement. It was like a whole different world than the 40 minutes we just drove through! The resort was gorgeous!! 

At the resort, we had access to an all-you-can-eat buffet, an open bar, an amazing swimming pool, and of course the beach. We found ourselves a table and a good spot to put all of our belongings and then Nate, LeeAnn, and I headed to see the beach! Mason went straight for the pool! 

The beach and ocean were just stunning! I will never get over the color of that water! After we walked down the beach a bit, we headed back and went to get some lunch and some drinks! Then we were pool bound for the majority of the day. We had a waiter that was sure we had two drinks in our hands at all times! He even brought Mason virgin strawberry daiquiris! While in the pool, we had dancers that entertained and fluffy the tour guide hosted many fun games for a chance to win a bottle of tequila. Mason won himself another henna tattoo! We had such a fun time at this resort and would recommend it to anyone visiting Progresso! 

Once back at port, we did some shopping and then got back on the boat. That evening we went to dinner in the MDR (where Nate was brought up to dance with the wait staff) and then watched some of the piano bar. Mason got towel folding lessons from our awesome room attendant! 

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