{DISNEY CRUISE // DAY 3 ON THE SHIP // Cozumel // 2021}

 On day three we arrived at the beautiful Cozumel, Mexico!! Nate and I went out on our verandah for a bit to watch other boats and see the beautiful waters!! 

You could definitely tell the change in the water from where we left in Texas! It was so much more blue and clear. We were so excited to be in Mexico and couldn't wait to get off the ship. I think Mason was the most excited!! He couldn't believe that he was in a different country for the first time in his life. He's so cute! 

We waited for our instructions on where to go for our "briefing" for our excursion! There were many different excursions, so different groups went to different areas of the boat. Our group met in the Walt Disney theatre! We got our towels for the beach, listened to a little spill on the Covid protocols, and then it was time to get off the ship!! 


Nate started to not feel very well that morning! He had a bad pain in his stomach and felt nauseous. I felt so bad for him having to make that long walk from the ship to the buses, then the bus ride through Mexico to our beach destination. I could just tell by the look on his face that he was not having a good time. 

We opted for the "Beach Break" excursion which was just a beach day, basically. There were trampolines, slides, and obstacles out in the water, and we had access to paddleboards, water bikes, etc. We also had an open bar and all you can eat buffet! Nate, Jacky, and Mason got into the water when we first got there. LeeAnn and I dipped our toes in and the water was way too cold for us! Nate spent the rest of our beach time laid back on a beach chair trying to feel better! Poor guy! I hate that he wasn't able to enjoy Cozumel! 

Then it was time to head back to the ship! We didn't have much time between the time we got back and dinner. That night was Pirate night on the cruise! Luckily, we found Mason a Cozumel pirate shirt when we were at the beach! They also left us pirate bandanas in our room! 

Pirate night in the restaurant was a blast. Even though we ate at Animator's Pallette the night before, it felt like a whole different place because of the pirate theme! Our wait staff was amazing again and brought out more magic tricks/games for Mason to play! 

After dinner, we went to a Pirate show and then we went to watch another musical - Disney Dreams - An Enchanted Classic. Nate ended up leaving in the middle of it because he didn't feel very well. The show was so good! Mason liked the Frozen musical better, but I thought they were equally good.

We came back to the room to find this...

The guys were all exhausted and decided to stay in the rooms while LeeAnn and I went to watch fireworks from the top deck! We asked a Disney employee where to stand and he led us to a great spot!!

The fireworks were magical and beautiful and the best way to end the day!

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