I wanted to share a quick little tour of our stateroom (7614) on the Disney Wonder cruise ship! When we were planning for the cruise, it was hard to fully grasp what the room looked like and what we needed to expect. There were general pictures, but I know if I were able to find a specific video/tour of our exact room, I would have been ecstatic.

Stateroom 7614 was a deluxe room with a verandah. It was definitely roomier than we anticipated. We had plenty of drawers and closet space for storing our clothes & belongings and our suitcases fit under our bed perfectly. We unpacked as soon as we got to our room and moved the suitcases under the bed to save ourselves some space. This also helped to keep our room nice and tidy throughout the cruise. I loved that there were two separate bathroom areas (one room with a toilet, sink, and storage and another room with the shower, sink, and more storage), and then a separate vanity area. We could all three get ready at once without having to wait on one another. The vanity area also had outlets for charging, drawers, and lights. We split the drawers between Mason's clothes, my makeup/hair supplies, and our electronics. It was nice to have a space for my hair & makeup stuff so that it wasn't cluttering the bathroom areas. I also loved that we were able to draw the curtains in Mason's area so that it felt like he had his own room. For our family of three, it truly was perfect.

And a short video tour...

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