Day four on the ship was another day at sea (sailing back toward home). This was also Nathan's birthday!! What a lucky guy to get to celebrate his birthday on a cruise!! 

When we left the room for lunch we saw that they had left Nate a birthday envelope!! They gave him a Happy Birthday certificate/card and a gift card to the onboard spa. Disney is so awesome!!

We had lunch and then walked around the ship a little bit. Then we camped out on the top deck so that Mason could swim and play on the waterslides. Nate still wasn't back to 100% so he took a couple of breaks back in the room.  

When Nate joined us on the pool deck, Mickey and Minnie just happened to be there for character photos. Nate's mom thought he should get birthday pictures with them, so he obliged. 

The rest of the day was pretty chill! We just hung out on the pool deck, did a little shopping (had some pictures printed for Nate's birthday), and enjoyed all the food.

That evening we were scheduled for dinner at Tianna's Place. We were excited for a little New Orleans flair and food!! We've been wanting to go back to New Orleans for the longest time so this was a nice little placeholder until then. The food was amazing and the beignets were divine. Mason got to join in the mardi gras parade and had a blast. It was a fun evening!! 

After dinner, we went and picked up the photo we had printed for Nate for his birthday and met him back in the room to give t to him!

It was an awesome day on the ship!

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