Day two of our cruise was at sea! It was a full day and night of sailing towards Cozumel. We started our day off with a little time out on the verandah, watching the waves and water! I loved having this option to get some fresh air any time we wanted or needed it! 

Then we headed up to breakfast at Cabana's (quick - buffet style restaurant). They basically had anything and everything you could want for breakfast! I think we all got a little bit of everything and it did not disappoint!! 

Then we went to check out more of the ship and to take Mason to the Oceaneer lab. We ran into a few characters along the way! 

After we dropped Mason off at the Oceaneer's Lab, we went to check out the spa area! I was amazed at the services they offered at the spa! Then we went to hang out on the pool deck. It wasn't long before Mason was texting me to come get him! He did not enjoy the kid's club at all. He said it was geared mostly towards younger kids and there were no kids around his age in there. He did a little swimming and playing on the waterslide instead. He quickly made new friends there! 

Because of Covid, they are not allowing fish extenders right now. So, we joined a magnet exchange on our cruise's Facebook group instead! We loved coming back to our door and seeing new magnets each time. Each one was so unique!!

We were on the early dinner rotation, so by 5:00 each day we had to get ready for our sit-down dinner. This evening we were scheduled for Animator's Palate and we were so excited! We had heard so many great things about this one. I won't ruin it for those that may go on this cruise, but it's pure magic!!

We had the absolute best waiters! Richard taught Mason new magic tricks each night. Mason loved it!! 

That evening we went out to the pool deck for a bit and then to watch a Frozen musical! It was absolutely amazing! We all really enjoyed every minute of it. Mason was apprehensive, thinking it was going to be girly but he ended up really enjoying it! 

Then we went to a Disney trivia game! It was a blast. But...we need to brush up on our Disney trivia skills! 

And, that's a wrap on day 2!!! 

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