Day five of our cruise was our disembarking day. We were so bummed to get off the ship. We had so much fun and could have easily done a few more days. Our wishes were somewhat granted when we couldn't get to port due to heavy fog! They closed the channel and we had to wait several hours until the fog lifted! More time on the ship...

That morning we had breakfast scheduled at Tiana's place so we went to that! Can't pass up that New Orleans-style meal! Although, it was pretty early and Nate and I aren't used to eating that early. We didn't eat much, but what we did eat was good! 

After breakfast, we went back to the room. Nate took a nap and Mase and I went to spend some time out on the balcony! We stayed out there a good couple of hours just hanging out and watching the boats and fog. 

Then I decided to go take my big camera around the ship to grab some photos. I had mostly just used my phone up until this point (out of convenience). 

The fog was taking a while to lift, so they started opening things back up. They opened lunch spots, played movies, had arts and crafts, etc.  We weren't mad at all about the extra time on the ship! 

They finally opened the channel and we were allowed to port (several hours later). We were one of the last groups off the ship, but it was a smooth process. We grabbed our luggage and found the shuttle back to our parking.

Despite the trip not going how we would have liked (half of the family not being able to go), we managed to have an amazing time on the Disney Wonder cruise. There is nothing on earth quite like Disney! 

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