{Currently // January 2022}

 Linking up with Anne in Residence for her currently series. This month we are sharing what we are currently anticipating, organizing, reading, resolving, and scheduling. 

anticipating | some home projects! We hope to build a deck off the side of our porch! Right now we have a make-shift porch from extra bricks from our house. It has served its purpose, but we are now ready for a deck. We spend so much time outside and know we'll get much use out of a deck. We also want to paint the exterior of our home. Painting is Nathan's least favorite thing on earth, so we'll see if that gets done or not. May just have to hire some painters! 

organizing |  All the things! Something about a new year that makes you want to organize every single nook and cranny of your home! Plus, you have to find places to put all of the new Christmas goodies! Also, the digital side of my life needed some serious organizing! I just finished moving all of my photos from the iCloud to my external hard drive, organized videos that needed to be made into Youtube videos, organized folders for blog posts, etc. Now, I just need to clean out my phone and the 30+ thousand photos/videos I have on there. Why is it so hard to delete a photo when I know I have it backed up to my external hard drive?

reading | nothing at the moment! However, I want to start reading more in this new year. I've seen so many good-looking reads on Instagram lately and I'm noting them down. Maybe I should get a library membership. You have to pay for a membership at ours, so maybe that will keep me accountable? We'll see. I also want to put many more miles on my Bible reading! It would be awesome to read it from cover to cover. Major goals! 

resolving | I feel that setting resolutions only sets yourself up for failure and disappointment. Well, at least in my little world. So instead, I will share some things I hope to do this year and give myself grace on those I do not accomplish! More adventures (even if only for a weekend), cuss a little less, eat a little healthier, move a little more, be a kinder person, stay organized throughout the whole year, blog more in real-time instead of always in major catch-up mode, find a new homeschool program that better fits us, etc. 

scheduling | Nothing really scheduled at the moment. We do need to schedule some Jeep events for our group - Jeep Around Texas. 

And on February 2 we will share what we're currently lovingmakingtakingwanting, and wondering.

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