{Ruidoso, NM Vacation // Day 3}

Thursday morning was our third day in Ruidoso. We gave Mason the option of either going to a mountain tubing place or going sledding at our kind of secret spot. He chose sledding at our spot! I honestly thought he would have chosen the tubing. But, we were so okay with going to that beautiful secluded spot to sled some more!

It was super cold that morning and the air must have been thin. We were getting tired of climbing up and down that mountain so quick! But, we still had a complete and total blast. While there, we met another family from Texas that told us about something really neat (that you will read about on day 4) that we didn't even know they offered in Ruidoso! We chatted with them for a while and played in the snow.

After sledding, we went to check out a trail in the mountains! We drove that for a couple of hours taking in all of the beautiful sites. The mountains are so breathtaking!!

As we were coming off the trail and making our way back to town it started snowing. HARD! Like really, really snowing. We were so excited since the forecast had called off the chances for snow. We decided to drive back up to Ski Apache and see how much snow they were getting at the top of the mountain. It was a beautiful drive up...

Once we were at the top of the mountain we tried to get out and play in it! But, we only lasted a few minutes. The snow was coming down so hard and fast that we could barely even see anything. We were true Texans at that moment and couldn't hang.

The drive down was pretty eventful and if I am honest, frightening. The minivan in front of us apparently had never driven in these conditions before. He kept slamming on his brakes and sliding all over that mountain. This is a 2 lane narrow mountain with very little side railing. At one point on a curve, they slammed on their brakes yet once again and did a complete 180 right in front of us. Luckily they went to the inside of the mountain and there was no one coming in that other lane. It was at that point that we went around them. They were putting so many people's lives in danger and I just wanted away from them and off that mountain. Nathan is an amazing driver and stays calm in those situations. I am so thankful for him since I am the opposite. I let my anxiety get to me! Despite my worries, we made it down safe. Praise God!

We decided to drive to Cloudcroft once again! We just can't get enough of that beautiful drive. Especially in the snow! We passed tons of snow-plows along the way! Once we got to Cloudcroft the town had come to a halt. Apparently, the mountain was shut down just on the other side of the town due to weather conditions. So we just made a swipe through downtown and then started our trek back! Our windshield wipers kept freezing up and Nate would have to get out ever so often to wipe the ice/snow off of them!

Once we got back onto the main highway we couldn't see anything! It was like a blizzard. Nate said he was more scared on that drive back than he was coming down the mountain! It was pitch black with snow coming straight into our windshield. We drove super slow and made it safely!

We went to check out our favorite sports store there and got Mason some thicker/better gloves. Then we grabbed a light supper and called it a night!

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