{Del Rio, TX // January 2020}

Back in January, my birthday weekend to be exact, we headed down to Del Rio, TX for a very special occasion! Nate's best friend since they were little was taking Command at his AF base! It was such a blessing to be able to attend the ceremony and spend the weekend with this incredible family!

We drove down Thursday morning and arrived sometime around 3, I believe. We spent the day/evening hanging out at their house. It was so wonderful to get to catch up with everyone and to see their new home. We had a delicious taco bar, good drinks, and even better company.

Friday morning was the ceremony! The weather up until that point was showing warm and sunny. We woke up to cold and rainy! So I had to run to Walmart (the only thing open at 6 am) to get something warm to wear over my dress! We weren't prepared for the unexpected cold!! Anyhow, the ceremony was beyond amazing and there are no words to describe it. We are so proud of BP5!!! They asked us to not have our phones out, so we didn't get any pictures or videos. Just believe me when I say it was incredible!

After the ceremony they revealed the plane with Trent's name on it! That was cool to see.

Then we all went back inside for a reception! After the reception we got to take a tour of the AF base. I always love doing this at Trent's bases. It's so neat to see the parts of the base we typically wouldn't see. And it's amazing to see how all the different departments/areas work together and how much work is truly involved at a base! Again, we couldn't have our phones out on most parts of the base. (understandably so)

That evening we all went out to eat at a BBQ place. Many of Trent's co-workers, friends, and family were there. It was a good time. Afterward, we went back to their place for a fun game of cards!!

Saturday morning we had some time ourselves while Trent went into work for a bit. We explored the area and went to check out Lake Amistad. We've always heard so many awesome things about this lake and how beautiful it is! And it was!! The water was so clear and pretty.

Then we met up with the two Grandmas and the kiddos at the park to let them run off some energy! After they played for a while we headed back to their house and waited on the rest of the crew. Then it was time for supper at a really neat steakhouse! We had a whole building to ourselves and that was so nice! They ended up surprising me and another with a birthday dessert! It was really neat!

After supper we went back to their house to play cards again! We had too much fun laughing our way into the night. Good friends are so good for the soul!

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