{Star Spangled Weekend}

How is it already Monday? It's already late afternoon and I am just now getting to this post. We spent Thursday - Sunday out in the Texas heat from basically sun up until sundown. To say that we are exhausted would be an understatement! We had a 4th of July parade Thursday morning and we camped the rest of the weekend. I used my 4th of July Scavenger hunt as a "photo hunt" of sorts to capture a Star Spangled Weekend...

Star - 


Something Red - 

Something Blue - 

Something white - 

American Flag - 

Fireworks - (we were too far away for any good pictures)

Streamers - 

Sparklers - 

Sunshine - 

BBQ - (kind of!)

The number four - 

Something that says USA - 

Glowstick - 

Parade - 

Decorations - 

How was your holiday weekend?

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