{Jeepin' in the Paluxy River}

A few weekends ago we joined some friends for a day at the river! We have been seeing this "secret spot" for quite some time on Facebook and finally had a local friend tell us how to get there. Now we know why they want to keep this little piece of paradise a secret...

It is completely perfect! You can drive your Jeep right into the river, park, and step right into the water. Dreamy, right?

When I originally posted on our Jeep Around Texas Facebook group asking about this spot our friends Keri & Michael said they were in and wanted to come with us! So, we did just that. We planned and made a day out of it.

We got there sometime after 11 am and stayed until after 4:00pm. When we first pulled up I was in awe and so giddy about being able to drive and park in the river. Nate made a couple of laps through the river before we picked our spot to park.

As soon as we parked the kids couldn't get in the river quick enough! They were so excited and ready to play in the water. And that they did, for hours upon hours. Us adults hung out, took pictures and videos, listened to music, played in the water, talked to other Jeepers, etc. All in all we were having a blast and creating the best memories.

By 4 pm we were all exhausted, hot, sunburned and starving so we called it a day. But not before Nate played in the river with the Jeep some more.

We had such a blast and we will definitely go back! We plan to go tubing in this area in a couple of weeks so we may have to check out our "spot" again and show our other friends!

Until our next adventure!!

And for the video:

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