{Chasing sunflowers and sunsets}

Let me preface this by saying that I really, really love sunflowers. They make my heart so happy. We made three trips to the sunflower fields this summer and I loved each and every trip!! The drive there is gorgeous and then the fields are just breathtaking! Backroads are so good for my soul.

Our first drive out to the sunflowers was just Nathan, Mason, and I. We left with gorgeous skies and about 15 minutes into our drive we see a storm coming straight for us. We decided to keep going and ride out the storm. And? I am so glad we did. The sky is always so pretty after the storm! And we saw 5 or 6 beautiful and vibrant rainbows! I don't know how anyone can look at a rainbow and not smile! God is so good to us, y'all! Nathan let me take all the time I needed snapping away to my heart's content! I have such an amazing husband. We could tell on this trip that it was probably getting close to harvest time. The sunflowers were getting heavy and droopy! 

Our 2nd trip to the sunflower fields was with John Kistner (from Baa Baa Black Jeep) and his wife. We were scoping out a good place to do a sunset run we are trying to coordinate with some Jeep friends. We had lunch at our favorite soda fountain in downtown Waxahachie and then headed out to the sunflower fields. It was early afternoon on a Saturday and the sun was blaring down!

And our third trip out to the sunflowers was with our good friends over at Life on Back Forty Blog. I had mentioned to Keri a week or so prior that we should take a weeknight and adventure over to the sunflower fields. And after a few texts on a Monday afternoon we made that happen! Adventuring with these sweet friends of ours is one of my favorite things!! We went right before sunset and it was the perfect time!

Funny story! On the way to these sunflower fields I spotted some Silos off in the distance and told Nate there was a road that ran right alongside them and that I would love to take pictures there. No sooner than I got the words out of my mouth my phone went off and I saw a text from Keri. And what did she say? Almost the exact same thing I had just told Nate! We are practically the same person. So, we ventured over to the silos for some pictures.

We capped off the night with some shakes from Steak and Shake! Can't wait for our next adventure...

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