{Our first win // Basketball}

Mason's basketball team got their first win of the season last weekend! 15-2!!!! And man, it was an exciting game. That's one of the highest scoring games I have seen so far this year. Ever since that first basketball game Mason has done well. He practices well and he is there for the games. We didn't think he had a competitive bone in his body...UNTIL this game! That boy came out of his shell and surprised all of us. He was all over that ball and we couldn't have been more excited. He said he had a blast and is pretty much obsessed with all things basketball right now! Oh what a joy it is to be his mama.

I put together a video of the game! I promised him I would take videos for his YouTube channel (more about that later)...so this is what I compiled. He's number 25 in the white and grey.

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