{TBB Asks // Love edition}

I love these TBB asks posts and prompts! This month is all about love. While we don't really celebrate Valentine's (too commercial of a holiday) around here,  we do celebrate love. And, I do love the month of February. So, here are my answer's to the TBB Asks Love Edition...

o n e |  Kisses or Hugs?
Both...when it comes to my boys! Otherwise, I love hugs. If you are ever around me just know you are gonna get hugged. Probably even more than once.

t w o | Candy or Flowers?
Both...again! Well, kind of. I love having fresh flowers in the house, but don't really care to receive them as a gift. I love to fill Mason jars with fresh flowers in my kitchen area. And who doesn't love candy??

t h r e e | Baking or Cooking?
Baking, for sure!

f o u r | Do you remember your first kiss?

f i v e | Favorite color of roses?
I'm with Dara on this one, lavender roses have my heart. I also love peach and white roses.

s i x | Conversation hearts. Yes or no?
The normal kind? Most definitely a NO. But, I love the sweet tart hearts.

s e v e n | Do you leave love notes?
Yes. Yes, I do. For both of my boys. Mason's are usually in his lunch box and I leave post-it notes on Nathan's bathroom mirror so that he sees them when he's getting ready for work in the wee hours of the morning.

e i g h t | Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?
Sadly, no. I really lack in the Valentine's Day decor. I need to change that. I just didn't see anything I loved in the Target dollar spot this year. That's usually where I find most of my holiday decor. And because I never really look anywhere else. ha.

n i n e | Red or Pink?
Both! Red has never been my favorite color until recently. And I've always loved pink.

t e n | Milk, white or dark chocolate?
Give me all of the white chocolate. Especially white Kit Kats or those cookies and cream Hershey bars!

e l e v e n | Do you believe in love at first sight?
Nope! I believe you can be attracted to someone at first sight, but you have to get to know a person's soul to fall in love with them.

t w e l v e | Do you give humorous or serious Valentine Cards?
I'm all about the sap. Sappy Valentine's Day cards all around.

t h i r t e e n | Favorite chick flick or romantic movie?
Sweet Home Alabama and Down To You.

f o u r t e e n | Stay in or Go Out?
We normally stay in on the actual day of Valentine's and go out on a random date around there. Restaurants are too crowded on the actual day of.

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