{Christmas Ornament Show & Tell 2015}

To be honest, I didn't put out all of our most sentimental and precious ornaments this year. I remembered that I would have 2 five year old boys in my house every day that love to throw things and have sword fights. So, for the sake of not breaking those I chose to keep them safely packed away this year.

However, these are some of my favorite that are on our tree.

Our first family ornament:

 photo 3_zpspyttyul5.jpg

Mason's first Christmas {2010} and first time meeting Santa. This is before Santa lifted him over his head and he started crying!

 photo 4_zpslnlgr0mr.jpg

Our first "married" Christmas ornament. A gift from Nate's parents.

 photo 8_zpsfqgilpia.jpg

Our ornament before we knew that Mason was going to be a boy {2009}. Also a gift from Mason's parents.

 photo 11_zpspmzosl0x.jpg

Both of these are from various trips to the Christmas tree farm.

 photo 10_zpseuac55qo.jpg  photo 12_zpstqf9lvhu.jpg

This Shasta camper. Camping is one of our favorite things to do as a family and I dream of owning a Shasta one day. Preferably a turquoise one with original interior, but I wouldn't say no to a red one either.

 photo 5_zpswgdmbh1g.jpg

Mason picked out this snowman a couple of years ago. I actually tried to talk him out of it because I thought it was creepy. But it has grown on me and is actually one of my favorites. It has a vintage feel to it.

 photo 6_zpss6vgdxdy.jpg

Nate's mom and I made these wine cork reindeer ornaments together one year. We had a good time making them.

 photo 9_zpsalkwja1s.jpg

Also from Mason's first Christmas. And also a gift from Nate's parents.

 photo 15_zpsuzbcuq0p.jpg

Because who doesn't love red wellies??

 photo 13_zps6qyr8nbo.jpg

Mason and I read the Christmas story together a couple of years ago and then created this ornament. I adore it.

 photo 16_zpsy5ntqirf.jpg

A reindeer made from Mason's thumbprint {2013}.

 photo 17_zpsegdrjknz.jpg

And of course this one from our recent Polar Express train ride in Palestine, TX.

 photo 14_zpsii0ad2bm.jpg

Have you shared some of your favorite ornaments on the blog? I would love to see them!


  1. Our First Family Christmas is a family of snowmen too! Hehe. That peanut ornament is too darling. I'm noticing a lot of red, is your tree mostly red ornaments or a mix of everything?

  2. Oh, I love all your ornaments! Such great memories and so much cuteness!!

  3. I love seeing all of these ornament posts, maybe I'll do one for Thursday. Love opening all of the ornaments each year and really remembering why we got them. The last polar express one and the peanut one love it!

  4. I love sentimental ornaments! I want to do better at collecting them from our different vacations!

  5. Such a fun collection! I love the wine cork deer! I need something to do with my corks!


  6. What a great and sentimental collection. We always get new ornaments each year but this post makes me want to start doing this. So cute!

  7. Thanks for linking up with us on the ornament show & tell! You have some really cute ornaments!

  8. Oh I could just look at other peoples ornaments for hours, not even kidding. I always love seeing the "first" ornaments. That peanut one is just SO special too!


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