{Five on Friday // Christmas Bucketlist Update // The Grinch's Lair // Christmas Crafts}

Happy Friday!!! I'm going to do the Five on Friday per the usual around here, but I am going to use this as an opportunity to catch up on our 2015 Christmas Bucket List and what we have been up to!

This was our bucket list. We've already crossed two things off  and posted about it - The Polar Express and Visiting with Santa.

{O N E}

Go to a tree farm & get a real tree. We've half completed this. We got our real tree, but we got it at Home Depot. It was so rainy and cold that day so we didn't get to go to the tree farm. But we are going to try to go there this weekend!

 photo TREE1_zpssaamglwm.jpg  photo TREE2_zpsyjlgifhc.jpg  photo TREE3_zpsrhwxodta.jpg

{T W O}

Go to our town's tree lighting event. We went....but this was a big bust! This year they added a light parade to the evening and it made it too crowded and too congested. There were so many people that you couldn't even get remotely close to the tree lighting. I was so bummed. We had so much fun at this last year {post here}. We watched the parade and then left. Womp. Womp. And the one picture I have is of Mason on his friend's dad's shoulders. Nate got there late because it started at 6 and that's what time he gets home from work.

 photo 053_zpsqy3nuqw0.jpg

{T H R E E}

Build a gingerbread house! We did this last Saturday after deckin' our halls {exterior}. Nate was putting lights up on the house and I was working on my DIY Pallet Christmas tree while Mason was playing on another pallet we laid out for him. I had to run to Hobby Lobby to get a few last items for my tree and when I got back Mason was in tears. All because his Daddy was making him put up all of the 97 toys he brought outside to play with! How dare him! ha. That is why his face is so red in these pictures! He's so fair that he stays red for so long.

 photo ginger 3_zpsnt0x9co1.jpg  photo ginger 2_zpswb8fas1i.jpg  photo ginger1_zpsaqudpndp.jpg  photo ginger 5_zpsw0cevlzg.jpg  photo ginger 4_zpskrjwptte.jpg  photo ginger 6_zpsx4sd0h0d.jpg  photo ginger 7_zpstljc0xcw.jpg

{F O U R}

Go to the Grinch's Lair in Palestine, TX. After we booked our Polar Express tickets I started searching for other things to do in the area. Actually, the Texas State Railroad had a link for "Christmas in Palestine" so I clicked on that and started looking for events that would be happening when we would be there. That's when I found the Grinch's Lair! It was in an old historic jail house near the town square. Once we arrived at the location we weren't quite sure we were at the right place! There wasn't any obvious advertising, so I checked my phone to make sure we were at the right address. We were. So we continued in and once we opened the doors we had walked straight into Whoville! It was awesomesauce! We bought our tickets and while we were doing that we got spooked by the Grinch himself! He snuck up on us!! They gave us a tour of the Grinch's Lair and Whoville and it was awesome. It was a Sunday and there was no one else there at the same time as us so we got extra time and attention from all of the characters. The Grinch was so amazing to Mason and he really really enjoyed himself! I am so glad that we did this because it really was the best time!

 photo a15_zpss7tr5qqc.jpg  photo a14_zpsrcnocbtm.jpg  photo a9_zpssarqaihu.jpg  photo a11_zpsug20lwqt.jpg  photo a13_zpsvhnibnwu.jpg

{F I V E}

Christmas crafts. I've been crafting away! I've taken a few Christmas trees from the Target dollar section and added 'snow' to them, I made a wreath for the front door using the famous ski's from the target dollar section and my most favorite project of this season, my pallet Christmas tree. I will probably post more about this one later.

 photo Christmas Crafts_zpsmjuglfl2.jpg

Christmas Bucketlist update:

 photo Christmas bucket update -5_zpsbex5zlu3.jpg

It took me forever to get this posted because of Photobucket. Anyone else having photobucket issues?

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love your pallet tree! How did you put snow on the trees?

  2. That looks like so much fun! :) I can't believe how big Mason is getting!

  3. You've been having a blast! I love your pallet tree!


  4. Awesome!! So many amazing things! We did lights last night and we're doing the Polar Express and a carriage ride next week. I cannot wait! I love the gingerbread house photos! We haven't attempted anything that intricate!

  5. Love that christams Tree pallet! And that grinch looks great! such a great make-up job! so much fun.

  6. Ya'll have had the most festive events this season and we still have a few weeks to go!!!

  7. Your Christmas tree pallet!!! I wish this dang keyboard had emojis because all the heart eyes would be for that!!!
    And genius with the mini gingerbread house. Where did you get that? That is like perfect sized for Mason! I'd love to decorate one with him but know his attention span is not that long lol.

  8. Such awesome crafts! That pallet tree is darling.

  9. You are so freaking talented with the crafts! My abilities end with preschool level crafts ;).

  10. So much to love here! Love the photos, love the Grinch and I LOVE those crafts. You guys are having the best December!

  11. So much to love here! Love the photos, love the Grinch and I LOVE those crafts. You guys are having the best December!


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