{Christmas Bucketlist Recap // Deckin' the Halls and Trimmin' the tree}

I keep on and keep on forgetting to post about this! I mean, it was one of the first things we did this Christmas season. I posted about our 'decked out halls' for the Christmas home tour linkup, but have a few more pictures to share to share.

We bought a real tree this year. We normally do, but last year I got impatient and put up my artificial tree. I regretted it big time. There is just nothing like having a real Christmas tree. I love walking into the door and smelling it and I love how no two real trees are exactly the same. We had it on our bucketlist to go to the tree farm, but sadly we're not going to make it. The Saturday we had planned for it rained buckets and was so cold. The next Saturday was the same. So, we went the day after Thanksgiving to Home Depot and bought a tree. And? I am 100% happy with it. It's beautiful, smells divine and it's held up pretty dang well.

We immediately changed into Christmas pajamas, turned up the Christmas tunes and started decorating our tree once we got home! It's one of my favorite things to do as a family.

 photo deck1_zpsjxiw6q5e.jpg  photo deck3_zpszkemjzox.jpg  photo deck4_zpsmz6vumfl.jpg  photo deck5_zpsh9uyyeki.jpg  photo deck7_zpsxpzva3ce.jpg  photo deck12_zps8qf5w6ht.jpg  photo deck11_zpsddb0qryr.jpg  photo deck9_zpsb7iqvafi.jpg  photo deck27_zpscqg3czyw.jpg  photo deck14_zpsysy80yrs.jpg  photo deck15_zpsmke8m8w1.jpg  photo deck13_zpsafixe8pi.jpg  photo deck18_zpsennldd7e.jpg  photo 2_zps8xfhvbdk.jpg  photo deck25_zpsuo0nyrqe.jpg  photo deck26_zpsbgbtx1j0.jpg  photo deck22_zpshkoj9hxl.jpg  photo deck24_zpswzw1pxd3.jpg  photo deck28_zpsximl3nzx.jpg  photo deck30_zps9jklilue.jpg  photo deck29_zpsne7hwkqn.jpg
 photo bucket - update - tree and deckin halls_zpsrcxehhmm.jpg


  1. Oh I love all the tree photos. They are just so magical. Can you believe today is Christmas eve?! Although it is my favorite day of the entire year, I just can't believe it is pretty much over.

  2. Mason is just precious! And your front porch is perfect! :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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