{15 ways we keep the magic in Christmas}

15 Ways to Keep the Magic in Christmas for Littles

Seeing the magic of Christmas through Mason's eyes will forever be one of my favorite things!! It's so important to me to keep the magic in it for him. Even though it's a lot of work on my end, I enjoy it. Because, seeing his face light up and the way he believes makes my heart and soul so happy. 

Below are the ways that we keep the magic in Christmas for Mason...as well as some others.

1.) Make a personalized video from Santa - and add as many pictures and personal details that you can. We use Portable North Pole {link} to make ours. We have done this every year since Mason was born and I feel like he gets even more excited each time. I love to video his reactions to the Santa video. Precious memories.

2.) Take them to see Santa - they are easy to find! We like to scope out the more realistic looking ones so that there are less questions.

3.) Let them write a letter to Santa and mail it. Write a letter back to the child. There are tons of free letterhead on Pinterest {hereherehere}.

4.) If you do not have a chimney {we do not} make a special key for Santa to be able to get in. Example {here

5.) Put Santa in your photo. We use Santa was in my house {link}. There are also apps on Apple for this. And there are even apps where you can video Santa in your house leaving gifts, or in front of the tree. {link}

6.) Grow a candy cane. Plant a peppermint, come back later to see a candy cane has grown. 

7.) Let them watch the live Reindeer camera. {linkThere are also apps on Apple for this.

8.) Let them watch the Santa Tracker {link}. 

9.) Make magic Reindeer Food {oats, sprinkles & glitter} to put out in the yard on Christmas Eve to guide the Reindeer to your home.

10.) On Christmas Eve take bites out of the cookies and the carrots and leave a thank you note from Santa.

11.) Use flour and a pair of boots to leave Santa's footprints in the house.

12.) Elf on the Shelf - we started this tradition this year. And after only two days I can see how amazing this is going to be. Mason is in complete awe of his elf and thinks his 'magic' is just about the coolest thing ever.

13.) Watch Christmas movies that prove that Santa is real.

14.) Drop a bell in the yard and tell them it fell off Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning.

15.) Sprinkle glitter around the tree on Christmas Eve to show that Santa was there and left some of his magic dust.

How do you keep the magic in Christmas for your littles? Any traditions you have?


  1. What a fun list! I'm going to have to try some of these next year when my daughter is a little older!

    'Tis Our Life Blog

  2. These are just about the sweetest things ever. I was just thinking about reindeer munch the other day too. Hallmark sells Santa keys, I think that is the best idea!

  3. this is such a great list of ideas! We love the reindeer cam!! I like the idea of dropping a bell from the sleigh. Callie loves the polar express so I think she'd be so excited!

  4. Such a fun post! That is definitely a magical Christmas! I shared our favorite family traditions in a post that's going up this week!

  5. How fun! We are loving the elf so far too! This is the first year Noah really "gets" Christmas and Santa so I'm super excited to start some traditions. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Oh my gosh, I love all of this so much! Ez barely has a comprehension of Santa this year, but I can tell I'm going to have to step up my game next year. Love the Santa video tip. Definitely gonna check that out.

  7. I love all these ideas! I want Liam to believe and be part of the magic for many years. Such a special time!

  8. I love this! This is the first year Avery really understands Christmas and Santa and all that fun so I'm excited to bring in all things magical!

  9. Such great traditions! I love the reindeer one..going to have to check that one out. Thanks for the tips!

  10. This is a great list! I'll need to do the key for next year. This year Cash is still little enough that he won't question how Santa gets in the house. ha!

  11. Oh girl you are all over the Christmas fun. I LOVE all of your ideas, well except the last one. I am NOT a glitter fan at all. My poor little girls he hehe! I need to remember the reindeer cam soon. That has always been a favorite of theirs in the past.


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