{Taking Stock}

Making: lists. lots and lots of lists.
Drinking: diet root beer with a fun little chevron straw
Reading: Woman's Day & Good Housekeeping - Christmas editions!
Wanting: family Winter pictures taken
Watching: Grey's Anatomy! I am 2 episodes behind!
Looking: for Christmas gift ideas
Wishing: I had all the good ideas...
Enjoying: evenings with my sweet little family.
Waiting: for tomorrow! Mason's school is putting on a Thanksgiving feast and I.cannot.wait.
Liking: the new blogger facebook group that Amanda started. The Blog Life Community. If you're looking for a great community I encourage you to check it out.
Wondering: what we should wear for family Winter photos.
Loving: our co-sleeping arrangements we've made the last few days. Love cuddling with both of my sweet boys!!
Hoping: that 2015 is our year!!
Marveling: at how smart Mason is.
Needing: to catch up on my bible studies.
Smelling: warm cozy sweater in the scentsy!!
Wearing: pants, boots, sweater and scarf. Love this season!
Following: everyone in our new FB blogger group!
Noticing: how many people I have been following on IG, but haven't been following via blogs.
Knowing: A big secret I can't wait to share! It's killinnnnnnn me!
Thinking: what everyone else is thinking ;)
Feeling: so darn happy. so much love.
Wishing: December was longer than just a month. Give me all the Christmas.


  1. There was a link-up yesterday of Christmas wish list - the link to the hostess' is in my post from yesterday! & I could not live without my never ending list!!

  2. I need to know the secret...I have to know! I need to know..I can't stand it!

  3. a secret?? oh my gosh..... !!!! also i know what you mean about following people on instagram but not following their blogs. sometimes it will randomly hit me that, "oh this person has a blog!"

  4. Secrets have no friends... okay now I am officially 8, HA!

    Give me all the Christmas to. I have been so distracted from everything today decking the halls.

  5. Exciting!! (Also dying to know!) Aren't patterned straws just the best!! I saw some mason jar cups in a store the other day, made infinitely better by the awesome straws! Going to check out that fb page now! :)

  6. Secret?!?! Say what! Can't wait to hear what it is.

    I love, love, love, love Christmas!

  7. Since Marty was born I've binge watched 10 seasons of Greys on Netflix & caught up on season 11 just yesterday. Sure I was a complete hormonal & hypochondriac mess but it was so worth it!! Winter Finale - so gooood!

  8. Wishing December was longer... yes!!!! I have this HUGE list of things I want to do and not enough time to do it! I asked Seth if we could start decorating today and he nearly flipped out. Guess the grinch wants to wait until after Thanksgiving...


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!