{Weekending // Halloween 2014}

It's almost hard to believe Halloween is over. Mason kept asking all day on Friday, "but is today the reallllll Halloween?" We've done so many Halloween activities this October that he just had to be sure! 

October was pretty good to us. So good. 

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If you've been around this blog for a few years you're probably having de ja vu right about now. Yes, this is the same Fireman costume from 2013....and 2012...we just added a pair of glasses and a taller Mason. He is not giving it up. He loves it so dang much. And? It's okay with me because he happens to make one cute Fireman! We even bought a new costume this year and he insisted on wearing the Fireman suit for Halloween. 

He also wore it to his school's Halloween festival and it won him a $10 McDonalds giftcard in the costume contest. This was our first year to attend the Halloween festival at his new school...and the whole thing was free! First school festival we've been to where all of the games and bounce houses were free!

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For Halloween we went to our town square around 4pm to trick or treat. The businesses around the square hand out candy and goodies. We stayed for about 30 minutes and then booked it. Word got around this year and goodness it was so crowded. After the square we went home, regathered and headed to Ferris for the First Baptist Church Trunk or Treat! It was fabulous. Mason played games and had a great time. Then we went to dinner where Mason ran into a couple of Minions {uncles girlfriend and her cousin}!! After supper we went back to Nana & Papa's house to watch Hocus Pocus. It was a great Halloween!!! 

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Saturday we went to one last Halloween Hurrah and had the greatest time!! Mason's teacher invited us over to her sister's house to throw the kiddos a Halloween bash. They dressed up, played games, cakewalk, hayride and lots of delicious food. And at the end of the evening the parents lined up and the kids trick or treated. Mason's huge bucket was full and overflowing. It was wild!!! I only took one picture that evening...and it was at the close of the party. 

 photo IMG_7671_zps6e58e9d5.jpg

Now I can get my mind set to Thanksgiving and Christmas. gasp. double gasp. I mean, I did see about 9 different IG accounts putting up their Christmas tree over the weekend! Wowsa!

How was your Halloween weekend?

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  1. How cute is this guy!? Happy Halloween to the two of you, and let's go November!




  2. He's such a cute fireman! Thanksgiving and Christmas is the furthest thing from my mind... I can't imagine having my tree up yet!

  3. His faces in those first couple of pictures... I'm dying! Such a little ham for the camera but so SO cute!!! It is perfection taking those pictures with his dog in front of your flag pallet!
    So sweet of Mason's teacher to have a Halloween party too! Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween weekend!

  4. Too cute - We are in the same situation with my son's football gear. The football season is ending so he still has his helmet/pads and he has been a football player the last 3 years. lol . . . This year though we added the crutches and blood. October went by so fast. I am so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, more so than years past. I have seriously been contemplating putting up my Christmas stuff too. . . Haha! Happy Hump Day - - xo

  5. What a cute fireman you got there, Crystal! It amazes me that people put their Christmas tree and decorations up already. Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?? :-(

  6. Yay for firemen!! He looked so sweet. I'm so excited for the holidays this year. But I agree... The tree has to wait until after Thanksgiving!!

  7. Well, I guess you don't have to worry about him needing a new costume ever! He'll wear that one forever! When it works, it works =)

    oh hey we got our tree up, it is naked but it is up. I seriously am the slowest decorator. It took weeks to do my Halloween stuff. And I want the tree ready for Aria's bday party at the end of the month, gulp.


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