{How Diesel is adjusting to being home // how we're adjusting}

Now that I have shared the news of Diesel being home {here} the number one question that I have been asked is...how is he adjusting to being home

And quite honestly?

Like he never left! 

Seriously. He has adjusted so well. You can see things start to come back to him and he is already responding to Diesel {he was called Milo for three years}. It's so wild that he is the same ol' Diesel. All of his mannerisms are the same and he's the same sweet cuddly little guy. 

He still loves to weasil his way down to our feet under the covers, loves to be in your lap and give kisses, still shuffles his feet in the grass after going potty, still walks around with one ear up and one ear down, so much is the same.

And? He hasn't pottied one time in the house. He's still great about asking me to go out. 

He's eating and drinking okay. Eating hasn't been great, but that's understandable with the shuffling he's done in the last couple of weeks. An who knows if the 2nd lady that had him bought him the right food. I'm not too worried about it. He's not sad and he does eat, just a little at a time. 

How's Mason adjusting? Great! He loves and adores Diesel and wants to hug and kiss him all the time. He keeps telling him "Diesel you are home and we love you so much" and then kisses his head. Over and over. And he wants him to play with him in his room all the time. Mason especially loves that Diesel cuddles in his bed with him while I am laying with him to fall asleep. Diesel is equally fond of Mason. He showers him with kisses and follows him around the house.

Gunner? Oh goodness....that's going to take some time. Gunner is a huge 60+ pound 6 month old lab who doesn't realize his size. He wants to play with Diesel non-stop. Diesel isn't so sure yet. He's like "dude, I don't know you that well" and he will growl at him and bark at him. Diesel never growled at anyone when we first had him, so that is a little different. But, we are keeping an open mind because we don't know what he went through the last 3 years. And we know he's just setting his boundaries. Diesel also doesn't want Gunner anywhere near me. Like not within 10 feet of me. :) Gunner just doesn't understand that!    

But all in all, everyone is doing well and we are feeling so incredibly blessed.    



Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!