{Friday Randoms}

Happy Friday Friends!!!

What a week is has been. I mentioned in my Grateful Heart post that our Internet has been down since Sunday morning at 2am.  That's definitely not a good thing when you work from home. It's been an awful week. AT&T lied to us over and over and fell through on promises over and over. I spent the week working remotely from the coffee shop in town. Our company recently got a new mail cleaner and it's not so friendly with webmail. I would have to forward every email to my yahoo mail just to read it. I had to work my tail off to get things done. I skipped lunch every day except Wednesday. I went to get in my car to take a break from the coffee shop and get some lunch and my key wouldn't turn. Like at all. It took about 15 minutes before I could get it going. So many little things kept going wrong all week, it was just wild. By Thursday evening I was feeling quite defeated. I was on my way to pick up Mason and I just started praying. Out loud. I cried and prayed all the way to Mason's school. And I didn't ask him once why me? Why this? I just thanked him over and over for all of the blessings in my life no matter how rough my week had been.

And you know what? On my way home I saw an AT&T truck working. Well, actually they were packing up because it was close to 5. I got home and I had a Landline. And...I had green lights on my router. All except for the "service" light. We were getting somewhere. 

By 10 am today my Internet was up!! Praise Jesus. So faithful...all the time.

Oh, and my phone has been acting a little odd {iphone 5} and once it gets to 30% battery it just dies. Like shuts off completely and I have to plug in a charger to get it back on. Well last night I fell asleep with Mason in his room and didn't plug in my phone. It had 38% when I fell asleep, but was completely dead at 2:22 am. I couldn't get it to come on at all. I had to plug it up for quite a while before it came on. So today I ran by Tmobile and got a newer phone and didn't have to pay anything. Another God thing! 

Can I just say that I am so glad it's Friday? So glad.

Oh, last weekend we went to Nate's cousin's wedding on a ranch in Valley View and it was amazing. I didn't get a chance to post about it because of you know the having-no-internet thing. Mason was such a ham and danced with just about every girl there. He had a blast and was the life of the party.

Here's a little bit of what else we've been up to.

God painted some amazing skies this week // trying to look happy despite feeling defeated

my sweet boy and I one day after school // my favorite quote from the Thrive Moms Fall Retreat // we had to decorate a turkey for Mason's class and this was our masterpiece // mason had a dream that he was the green lantern, so he had to wear his green cape to school

Also, I want to encourage you, if you haven't already to watch the Thrive Moms Fall Retreat {online}. It's so encouraging and so uplifting and all around amazing. It will bless you in so many ways. 

Have a great weekend! Any plans? We don't! For once.


  1. Way to keep your spirits up even though the world kept putting obstacles in your way! Have a great weekend!

  2. My out loud prayers always seem to be the best heard ;) God is so good! I'm sorry you had such a trying week, I hope this next one will be better for you!!

  3. Glad to hear that your week turned around yesterday! Hope that you have a restful weekend!

    Still can't believe you were in Sanger last weekend and we couldn't get together. We must plan a meet up sooner rather than later!

  4. I am so sorry that you have had such a tough week sweets. But yay for having it back!!!

  5. What a rough week! But you know, I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. At the time, you may not know why, but you will find out soon enough. And seriously, what good luck with your phone! Looks like things are starting to turn around. Hope you have the best week this week! xo


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!