{Snow...in Texas...in November}

Good morning and Happy Monday!

You had to know this post was coming. It's Texas and even if it was just a 'dusting' it was SNOW!!!

Last night I was lying in bed and both of my boys had drifted off to a sweet slumber...I couldn't sleep so I was perusing FB. I kept seeing people all around us posting about snow. I was sad that Mason was asleep and missing it. I was so warm and cozy in bed with my boys that I wasn't going to get up and look. But, then I started hearing it come down and thought I better get up and get a picture. This is Texas and there's a big fat chance it could all be gone in the morning. The least I could do was capture a few pictures for Mason to see. 

So I tiptoed out of the room and took a few! I couldn't believe how much had already been covered.

The next morning I was pleased to see there was still snow for Mason to see. Plus, come'on...it was a surefire way that Mason wouldn't wake up so grumpy...it's Monday after all. Waking up to snow is sure to crush the Monday woes and blues! 

I carried him to the back door and he has such sensitive {and sleepy eyes} that he couldn't look right then. He said it was too bright! So we continued to get ready and then he was able to see it!

He was excited. He said, "Do you think we can go out and play in it at school?" and "Will it be here when we get home?" :)

Have you gotten snow this year?


  1. oh my gosh, everyone's blogs today have been about snow. I can't believe it's cold enough to snow! Crazy!

  2. Yay how fun I know Mason was just so excited.
    Last night my cousin who lives in Midlothian TX sent me a video from their security cameras of the snow and I was so jealous.

  3. This is awesome! I remember when I was growing up, I loved snow! In Georgia it would snow and be gone twenty-four hours later. I bet he LOVED IT!

  4. But this really is SO exciting!! Especially when snow is rare in your neck of the woods! We've already had snow a couple times, and more is coming this weekend! I love it ONLY when I don't have to drive in it, ha ha! But the bitter, freezing temps that accompany it? Not my cup of tea!

  5. Snow is the best thing ever! I was in Vermont this weekend and I was in heaven! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  6. I grew up w snow so it's never been a big deal. But I've been in Tx 8 years now so I do get excited now when it snows! I'm excited for it this year!!


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