{Friday Randoms}

Happy Friday!!!!!

I think I say this every week, but daaaaang it's been a long week. 

Our week was pretty uneventful...just routine, but good nonetheless. We cooked at home all week. I love cooking/eating at home. On Tuesday I shared our menu for the week. Okay - nerd alert - I have been having so much fun searching for recipes {mostly on Pinterest}, menu planning, and making a shopping list. It feels so much better in the pocket and in the belt! Eating out gets so tiring after a while.

*note - I am so sorry for those of you that follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I didn't realize that my Pinterest was linked and sharing every single pin I pinned yesterday! I had deactivated it and somehow it got activated again! Frustrating and I apologize. I am sure it was annoying to you all too!  

Hubbs is working Saturday until three. I think Mason and I will use that time to do some Father's Day shopping and crafting! Then that evening we get to hang out with our best friends who are in from Abilene. Eeekk! So excited.

So, I got my Birchbox and again I was a little disappointed. But yet I can't bring myself to cancel the subscription. I think I keep holding out for it to get better. With Ipsy out and being so awesome I keep thinking that BB will step up its game!

In other news...I wore my straight to day. It's been weeks since I have done that. I forget how long it actually is. When I curl it I lose 2+ inches! But, it just feels better with curl and waive. When it's straight it gets on my nerves.

And this little guy....grows up by the minute! Seriously. More on that later.

What are your plans for the weekend? Any recipes I have to try? Happy weekend friends.


  1. Omg your hair is sooooo long! And Mason is just adorbs!

  2. Your hair is long girl! Dang!!

    I love Mase's faces. Too cute

  3. I can not wait to settle down..again.. and start cooking. I haven't been actually grocery shopping for so long. Ha! There are some yummy reciepes on pinterst.
    Your hair is so long, gorgeous Mama!

  4. I need a trim so bad I can't wear my hair straight! haha.I've got to curl it to hide the split ends! I haven't had a trim since I cut off 2 feet and that was a year ago. haha oppps

  5. I have also tried Birchbox... I have been disappointed in almost every box. I have used a few things here and there, but I haven't bought any of the products in full-size (which is the point of trying the samples first)... I just cancelled my subscription last week, and have siged up for Ipsy. I should get my first box in July! Can't wait to see!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!