{Mason school update - Moving up to Threes}

Back on June 3rd they had the "move up" celebration at school. Which means that Mason moved up to the three's class. It's a big transition from the 2's to the 3's. In the 2's the class was split between the older/potty trained 2's and the younger/not potty trained 2's. So the classes were somewhat smaller. Now, they are all back together in one big ole' classroom. 

I wish I could say it's going well. 

But, it's really not.

Every day that we pick up Mason he's on either yellow {1 warning}, blue {2 warnings} and red {not a good day}. Most of the time it's the lather.

It's disappointing and defeating.

Of course I know that Mason is no angel...but he's not a horrible child either. Something is definitely going on. The things that he's getting in trouble for tells me one thing.....

He's getting bored.

I mean, right? That's when most kids start getting in trouble...when they don't have enough to do.

I could tell a big difference in his attitude and the way he'd come home from school. He's edgy. He has lots of energy to burn off. And he hardly comes home with any papers. You know...the artwork and worksheets. BIG difference from the 2's class. They were constantly doing something and keeping the kids attention so that they didn't have much time to get in trouble. SO obviously not happening in this class. Every time I ask Mason what they did at school he either says, "Nuffin" or "Watched TV". I'm sorry, but this isn't okay with me!!  Grrr....

You know, it's been on my heart for a long time about another "school" in this town. I just wonder if these are the signs that God is giving me that it truly is time to move on.

These are hard times as a parent, I tell ya!!



  1. Aye - I agree I think he is getting bored especially if he comes home w/no paperwork. What does the teacher say.
    I agree I think this is God saying maybe better move on to another. I will be praying for y'all!
    xo, Monica

  2. I'm so happy to hear how concerned you are as a parent and that you realize it is not the environment for him. I feel as though so many people are so quick to blame the child, but the truth is one type of curriculum doesn't work for all children! Hopefully you can find a school that offer activities more tailored to masons personality.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!