{Texas Tuesday - Fort Worth Zoo}

Hey y'all!! Happy Texas Tuesday!! 

 Friday May 24th we took Mason to the Fort Worth Zoo for his birthday. It has become a tradition for us, the zoo. The first year we went to the Fort Worth Zoo and the 2nd year we went to Dallas and this year we found ourselves back at the Fort Worth Zoo. It's been a couple of years since we've been to the Fort Worth Zoo and we have been missing out!! I think it's safe to say that Fort Worth is our favorite. We really love the renovations they've done at the Dallas Zoo, but it still doesn't top Ft Worth! 

This year it was Nathan, his mom, Mason and I. We had a fabulous time. There were several schools there, but we never felt crowded. Everything is just so nice at the Fort Worth Zoo...the landscaping, the eating areas, the restrooms, etc. 

And Mason? Poor kid didn't have any fun...HA!!!!

His favorite part?  The Yellow Rose Train. We rode it twice.

It was such an amazing day! We all had a good time and Mason was such a happy little guy. It rained on us twice while we were there, but we were able to take cover each time. And the showers didn't last too long. 

I'm already ready to go back. :)) 

What is your favorite Zoo??

Masons Mama

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  1. I love his little fingers held up with the number three. So sweet!

  2. What a little handsome man you have. It looks like your guys had a great time!


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