{Friday Randoms}

Happy Friday. Although his week was pretty uneventful it feels like it has been forever long.

The majority of the week has been spent at home. I've been menu planning for the last couple of weeks, so we've been cooking and eating at home. I love eating at home. But, I absolutely HATE doing dishes. Speaking of menu planning, a couple of my friends, Steph and Tiffany are starting a "Tasty Tuesday" link-up where they share their menu and recipes. I can't wait to get ideas from this!!

I'm still fighting these allergies. We have cottonwood blowing like crazy around our neighborhood and my allergies hate it. As soon as I get home I start sneezing and my throat hurts so bad when I swallow. Yuck!

I love this time of year, but hate the allergies.

Oh and the bugs. Ugh. The bugs.

{begin rant} Our house sits on 2 acres. Almost every house surrounding us is on an acre or so. Part of our property backs up to a 3500 acre cattle ranch. It's good and it's bad. It's good because we have free range to go over on the Ranch. It's bad because no matter how much treatment we put in our yard we STILL get bugs! And snakes. And coyotes. And rabbits. But, my biggest frustration is the bugs. Chiggers to be exact. Those little invisible suckers are the devil! They bite and leave their mark on your body for weeks and weeks. We all use bug spray, but they still bite. And they just love Mason. And his boy parts. This week they attacked his "boy" area. He had like 4 or 5 chigger bites in that area and lets just say that it swelled up 3 times its normal size. Freaked me out! Anytime he gets a bite whether its ants, mosquitos or chiggers he swells pretty good. I guess he's allergic to them in a sense. I shouldn't have been surprised when this area swelled too. But I was. And I didn't like it. I gave him benadryl and have been lathering it with Calamine lotion. Anything else burns and irritates him. The swelling is starting to go down and things are back to looking somewhat normal. It's just so frustrating because we are a family that loves needs to be outside!! {end rant}

Ha. A whole paragraph on Mason's boy parts. He's gonna love me when he reads this blog one day.

Nathan is working on Saturday, so it's just Mason and I. I'm going to try to get our grocery shopping done and maybe take Mason to Toys R Us to spend some birthday giftcards. That way when Nate gets home we can just enjoy time as a family!!

What are your plans for the weekend?



  1. You're so dang cute Crystal! That heart ring you have on is beautiful! Chiggers are bad here too! I hate it! I've found that 40 deet (deep woods) repellent seems to help it not be as bad. I'm glad that the spots in Mason's nether region is getting better! No one likes to have insect bites! They're irritating!

  2. So I used to work with archeologists that were always getting chiggers bites. The secret remedy? Liquid Castile soap. I buy the Dr. bronner's peppermint liquid Castile soap at target. It doesn't prevent them but it gives relief after you get bit. Same thing for ant bites. Both Brent & AJ are allergic and this stuff takes to red and swelling out!!

  3. I love where you live (from the pictures).. So gorgeous but the chiggers would drive me nut-so too. Poor Mason, It stinks when you are so sweet!
    I can't wait to get settled and do some good home cooking. I haven't wanted to buy much groceries because of the move so we have been eating up a lot of stuff that I had stock piled. Ha!
    Happy Saturday Love! Have fun shopping! xo

  4. Bugs or not I'm jealous of your home/property!!! Poor mason! Was he weirded out by it at all? I'm finally getting us back on track with our menu plan, I'm excited to see what others come up with in their menus, it's always nice getting ideas-even if I need to adapt nearly every recipe because cameron has the tastbuds of a 10 year old boy! He's came a long way though haha.

    Have fun at toys r us, I can't even step foot in that store without cameron or ill be there the rest of my life!

  5. I have no clue what a chigger is and I probably don't want to! Poor Mason, on his boy parts! Do the bites itch?


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!