{Cardstore - a Review}

*This is a sponsored post by cardstore. All opinions are mine.

Who doesn't love getting a card in the mail? I know I certainly do. I also love sending/giving people cards. And, what I love even more than that is personalizing the card so that it's a one of a kind! When Cardstore contacted me to do a review on a Father's Day Card I might have squealed!!

What is Cardstore

It's an online greeting card store. They have cards for almost every occasion. You can choose from pre-made templates or make your own.

I, of course, went straight to the cards where you can include a picture. It's a Father's Day card, so naturally I wanted a picture of Nate and Mason together.

From here I refined my search for "Father" only. This will help weed out the Grandfather cards and such. Saving time as you search through to find the perfect card!

Honestly, the next step was the hardest part of the entire process...picking out the card! There were 95 to choose from, and they were all adorable. 

However, I had an idea of the picture I wanted to use and that helped me narrow it down. I wanted a card showed the majority of my picture without being covered by words.

I went with this one:

Next, I clicked on "make your card" button to start customizing my card. First step is uploading your picture. The interface to do so was extremely easy. You can upload a picture straight from your computer, or you can choose a picture from your facebook. Convenient!

I inserted my picture and moved on to edit the inside of the card. The inside had a template already included. Here you can change the font, the font color and size or you can completely change wording along with all of the font options. I changed everything to make it a little more personable from Mason and I.

Once you've completed your card the next step is to proof everything to make sure your card is 100% how you want it.

Next is delivery. Cardstore will ask if you want the card mailed to you or directly to your recipient. They only charge the postage rate and no handling fee. Awesome, right?! 

Done and done!

Cardstore was so easy to work with, the options are amazing and the quality is great as well!! I got my card within just a few days of ordering it and I am enamored!!

Be sure to check out Amanda's blog tomorrow. She's reviewing the actual card itself!!

Have you gotten your Father's Day card yet? Any plans for Father's Day?



  1. Neat!
    I guess it's a like Ink Cards and Red Stamp. They're my faves. I have Ink on my iPad and Red Stamp on my phone.


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