{Weekend wrap-up}

Wow! Things have been busy and I have been neglecting my blog. That makes me sad! A little catch up post...

Let's see...last Wednesday Mason had a really great day at school. He went from 8:00am until 4:30 pm in big boy undies. Not one accident and even slept through nap in his undies!! We were so darn proud of him! After work/school I had to go get new tires. Boo! I hate spending money on those...but know it's a necessity. That evening we all went to my parents house for a visit and Mason fell and bumped his head on my sister's bed. BIG OL' GOOSE-EGG on his noggin'! Y'all! It scared the fire out of me. He's never had one! But, in true Mason fashion he was fine and actually consoling his mama! He kept saying, "It's okay Mama, I'm fine." Whew!!! I just don't like when my baby gets hurt. Breaks my heart plum in two. The swelling had already gone down tremendously in this picture, but you can still see it's aftermath!

I took vacation days last Thursday and Friday. We were supposed to go to Palo Duro Canyon, but that fell through. Then we were supposed to camp in Fairfield and then that fell through. So, what did we do instead? Much needed housework/cleaning/rearranging.

Nate's parents got new furniture and we gladly took their generous offer on their current furniture. There was nothing wrong with ours. We actually bought it brand new when we first moved into our new house {2007}. It was nice...brown leather sofa and loveseat which had recliners on each end of both. It just wasn't "comfortable". The seat section was shallow and didn't leave any room to cozy up. That's the only thing I disliked about it.  We inherited a couch, loveseat and oversized chair and ottoman from Nate's parents. It's much more and bigger than what we had so a little re-arranging was in order!! I had to rearrange my bedroom in order to accommodate a glider rocker and ottoman and a laptop stand. And as if that wasn't enough we decided to turn our computer room/office into a toy room. Which meant moving a huge gun cabinet into our closet. It was a lot of work, but much needed! My house is so much more organized and comfortable and cozy! I love it!

House tour soon? Maybe!

Friday we took a little break from the housework and took Mason to Fossil Rim Wildlife center in Glen Rose TX {post on that to come}. It was a blast!!  It was very crowded because of Spring Break, but we still had a good time!

After our trip to Fossil Rim we headed to downtown Glen Rose. We were looking for somewhere to lunch...but everything was crowded! We did stop at the pie shop so that Nate could get a Buttermilk pie.

 After lunch we drove around Lake Grandbury. It's such a pretty lake! That evening we met some family friends in Ennis for dinner.

Saturday was filled with more cleaning and rearranging.

By Sunday we were ready to get out of the house!!! We took Mason for a haircut, had lunch at Panera, and went shoe shopping for Mason. 

My handsome boy on the way to get a haircut!

He looks so big to me here!

Being silly at Panera Bread

New Chucks
After running all of our errands we went to Bass Pro Shop in Grapevine with my sister and brother in law.

It was a busy, busy weekend...but a really good one!

How was yours?


  1. Sounds like a fun long weekend. I am always up for getting things done, but am really bad about it during the Winter. Looks like you are enjoying some warmer weather where you are!!

  2. he looks so handsome with his haircut!

    Did you change your blog name?



Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!